Structural Design: Pedram Khorram, P.Eng 

Architectural Design by: Bradbury Architecture

Floor Area: 8800 SqFt

This massive luxury home is situated on a steep sloped lot above Buntzen Lake facing North East with a very stunning mountain view. The steep rocky nature of the lot required lots of rock blasting. Furthermore, irregularity in height of the foundation walls increased the complexity of the project.


  • Stepped foundation up to 12’ drop over 8’ length
  • 12’ high foundation wall (10” thick) on the South-West wall.
  • 24’ high vaulted roof over Living Room / Kitchen area in the Main Floor
  • Seismic Force Resisting System: Combination of wood shearwalls and two steel rigid frames with welded connections
  • Large openings on the exterior walls
  • A huge Mezzanine Floor over the attached Garage overlooking the mountain  through the open space over Living Room